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Freeze Drying


With years of experience Freeze drying Lab provides professional expert services for companies in need of freeze drying product development.

We offer innovative and advanced Lyophilization Services, tailored to your needs, escorting you throughout the R&D, Lyophilization process planning and the actual freeze drying. 

Our services are best suited for product development for various industries like food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and more.

About Us



Freeze Drying Lab was founded in 2011 by David Kliger, an expert researcher in Freeze Drying technology. Freeze Drying Lab is tasked to provide quality and cost-effective lyophilization services to customers from foodtech, biotech cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.





Our services include Lyophilization Consulting, Freeze drying process planning Product development, and lab freeze drying for various materials.

Our services are based on years of experience in various areas of freeze drying and Cryobiology.




Our projects portfolio contains products developed using various freeze drying techniques, covering a range of disciplines and materials. 

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